2021 SEO Predictions Bingo

I've been putting off blogging for a few months because fundamentally I am not as good at content as I am procrastinating. This means that I'm putting out an SEO predictions blogpost in February of 2021, which is, by all accounts, far too late in the year to jump on any sort of bandwagon for links.

Here's the thing, though.

If I only make a couple of small predictions that I actually think will happen, then I'll be right, but nobody will read this post.

If I make some slightly more risky predictions that a lot of people agree with, I'll get engagement from people who agree with me, but not much else.

And if I make some predictions that are absolutely wild and crazy, I'll get a ton of engagement but also will damage my credibility in the space.

So of course I got to thinking, how can I do all three of these things (get low engagement, agreement, and damaged credibility) all at the same time?

By making ALL of the predictions I can for 2021, of course!

Introducing the SEO Prediction Bingo card

BINGO! Predictions include Algoirthm Update, Natural Links Turn out to be paid links, MyPillow Scandal in SEO Space, 2021 is the year of voice, article based on info from 2010, SEO is criminalized, Spammer offers to sell gary illyes links, algorithm update, SEO is arrested for link schemes, google search uses AWS servers, Google Bug pushes nsfw content through discover, an SEO is arrested for link crimes, Free space: it depends, SEO cryptocurrency, Google deindexes AMP content, Explicit in-search podcast episode, Barry's already seen it, Google reverts back to old schema tool, 2021 is the year of taste in search, mainstream news writes something inaccurate about SEO, 2021 is the year of smell in search, SEO says  SEO is more important than Accessibility, Natural links turn out to be paid links

This is based partially on the style of bingo cards Jenny Nicholson employs--specifically I wanted to incorporate the inclusion of "chaos squares." These are predictions that probably won't come true, but it'd be really funny if it did.

So go generate some SEO prediction cards-- and see which ones come true this year!

You can generate classic cards, or chaos cards only.

What are your predictions for 2021? What do you think would be really funny? Comment below and I might add them to the Bingo Card Array.


  • I want to make it so there are fewer duplicates, but that would probably take a lot of time and I wanted to post this before 2022.
  • This is for fun.

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