About Me

Hi! I'm Jess.

This is a website I made with 11ty! It's got my name on it and everything.

Nothing on this site reflects my employer.

This site is mostly going to be me either doing stupid SEO experiments or writing about stupid SEO experiments.

I have in the past written things for different places and have even been on a YouTube. You can find this below:

Writings: #

Videos: #

Appearances in the Wild: #

Freelancing / Speaking: #

As you can see above, I can't shut up and I do a lot of SEO stuff. If you want me to speak at a thing, write a thing for you, or do some freelance tech SEO work/ml/a11y/web standards/analytics stuff, feel free to get in touch on linkedin or twitter.

This site is a work in progress, so I am going to post a work in progress gif here because I didn't get to do that in the 90s.

horrible 90s open source construction gif

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