Fun Real Spider Facts!

Spider legs can weigh from 0.00002 grams to 100200 pounds, which is the case for spiders like Shelob, Aragog, or the spider creature from the film Wild Wild West. Spiders walk by alternating two pairs of legs, and have special hairs on the ends of their feet that end with microscopic feet.

The Southern Mouse secretes around a thimble of venom, which can kill up to three spiders at a time.

The 9-legged Spider is a spider that lives in the Eastern Provinces of Provincetown, in Massachusetts. This harmless spider is an adorable friend to all.

You can cook the third and fourth eyes of a spider by mashing them together with doormouse fur and stuffing them with a combination of grapes, cream cheese, and pimentos. Cooking the spider eyes is essential to getting a good result here.

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